My exploration into tea officially started with an amazing cup of Indian Oolong that was infused with mango, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. I was enjoying the aromatic, golden brew while soaking in the pristine ocean view at an exclusive resort in West Palm Beach. It had to be the combined scent from the exquisite, brewed liquor and the salt-laced waves that conjured up warm childhood memories of my maternal grandmother steeping orange pekoe or herbal tisanes inside a heat-worn stainless-steel pot. She’d steep fresh herbs and roots picked from her massive garden located adjacent to her house or the nearby woods. Through kid eyes, everything looked like worthless weeds, yet like magic seemed to work wonders on any nasty cough, cold, fever, stomach ache or migraine.  Honestly, no bug or ailment stood a chance. It was as if she were a shaman. Each brew had a unique aroma, taste, infused with a lot of love and was imbued with a natural power to heal.

The welcomed flashback inspired me. For the next two days of my “vacation,” I wrote the rough draft of my business plan. It came together with ease, because I knew from the start that I wanted to import ultra-premium teas and herbs from around the world to use in my hand-crafted blends. And just as important, I wanted to connect and share my tea journey with so many passionate, sophisticated tea connoisseurs who are also clamoring for the natural benefits of tea and herbs and in pursuit of the perfect cup.


Our mission is to redefine your teatime. We carry out this mandate by obsessing over the smallest details in crafting, sharing and delivering quality body care and wares, great tasting blends and brews made with the finest teas, imported from around the world.